About Aller

From 1873 until today

In 1873 Carl and Laura Aller founded Aller and published the first issue of “Nordisk Mønster Tidende” the following year. The first issue of the weekly magazine Familie Journal was released in 1877.

Aller is part of Aller Holding A/S, the parent company of the media group in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Read more about Aller Holding A/S

3.2 million. magazines every week
Aller Media is the leading publisher of magazines and newspapers in the Nordic region with a weekly circulation of approx. 3.2 million copies. In Denmark we have a weekly circulation of approx. 700.000 copies. More than 2 million out of 5 million Danes read one of Allers publications every week. Aller Media is a modern innovative media house located at “Havneholmen” in Copenhagen very close to the city center.

Aller Media in Denmark has a market share on weeklies at approx. 73 per cent and approx. 20 per cent on magazines. With our wide range of weeklies and magazines we reach a large part of the Danish population. Among some of our most known publications you will find: BILLED-BLADET, SE og HØR, Familie Journal, Ude og Hjemme, SØNDAG or ELLE.

Our range of publications is wide, and we inspire and entertain children, adults and specially women with everything from top model, Vi Unge, IN, ELLE and Antik & Auktion. All our magazines have websites and Facebook profiles, where among other things you can read articles, blogs and participate in contests and much more.

In these years Aller Media is moving from traditional print to new media platforms. We were also the first to put all our magazines and weeklies on iPad and iPhone. All subscribers have free access to the electronic versions other ones have to pay for an iPad and/or iPhone access.

250 new ideas a year
From being a traditional printing business for many years, Aller is now heading out on a new journey into the future. In 2012, we launched the new strategy “Safari”. The strategy will help to speed up innovation and the development of new ideas and projects and send us out on acquisitions in the “periphery” of our company. The ambition is that we must have 250 ideas per year. Out of the 250 ideas 30 have to be so good that they end up being developed for a real business case. Out of the 30 ideas the 3 of them have to be so good that one of them end up being a good businessdeal for Aller.

Our employees
Aller has approx. 550 employees in Denmark, of which 66% are women.