Welcome to Aller Mediasales – the advertising department in Aller Media 

At Aller Mediasales, we are passionate about our media and our events. We live for our brands and the solutions we offer our customers – be it a simple campaign or a 360-degree solution involving all of our three platforms: Digital, Print and Event. We are 48 dedicated and colourful employees, each with our own professional skill set. We offer qualified sparring on media solutions to match your product and target group in order to help you achieve your communication and campaign targets. In addition, it is important for us to maintain a close relationship with our partners. We believe that this enables us to generate the best results for you and have fun in the process.

We provide coverage for your campaign – both broadly and in depth

Our media facilitate broad coverage as well as targeted advertising aimed at a clearly defined target audience. Our readers cover a broad spectrum in terms of age, behaviour and interests, and this is reflected in our portfolio, encompassing subjects ranging from teenage life, fashion, daily health, family life, entertainment, travelling, destiny stories, and much more. Our broad variety of print and digital media enables us to give your campaign coverage, frequency and not least synergy with relevant topic areas. And we are in contact with a major segment of the Danish population – 3 million for print and 1 million online, every month.

We generate experiences and involvement in your product

With our events, such as FEMINA Women’s Race, ELLE Style Awards, Vi Unge Covergirl and SØNDAG – Forkæl dig selv,  we offer you an opportunity to get in touch with your target group in a way that generates trial, involves the senses and makes memorable experiences. It creates ambassadors for your brand and can give you a unique insight into the target group.

We give you creative 360-degree solutions that work

At Aller Mediasales, we take pride in offering you the best, most creative campaign within our three focal areas: Digital, Print and Event Marketing. We specialise in providing 360-degree solutions – i.e. multiple platform campaigns covering every aspect of your product to ensure that it is seen, heard and experienced. Besides focusing on the impact, we also focus on the professional implementation of your creative campaign. In 2014, therefore, we have given priority to dedicating a creative project manager exclusively to the execution of creative campaigns transcending platforms. This ensures that you experience optimal and smooth procedures.

And we are experts in the female target group

In all modesty we believe that we are among those with most knowledge of Danish women. We make our living by communicating to and with women, and consequently, we offer you highly competent advice on how best to communicate with your female target group. Every month, we are in contact with almost 2 million Danish women and almost 500,000 online, corresponding to 80% of all Danish women. And this is quite significant, knowing that women are responsible for 80% of all purchasing decisions. We look forward to working with you.

Best regards,

Ene C. Krog

Sales Director, Aller Mediasales