About Aller

Aller Media is among the most innovative and modern media companies in Denmark with a rich history and roots dating all the way back to 1873 where Carl and Laura Aller founded “Aller”. A year later, in 1874, Aller published the first issue of “Nordisk Mønster-Tidende” (now femina), and in 1877 the first issue of the weekly magazine Familie Journal was released.

Aller Media A/S is a part of Aller Holding A/S, the parent company of the media group in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Read more about Aller Holding A/S

3.2 million. magazines every week

Today Aller Media is the leading publisher of magazines and newspapers in the Nordic region with a weekly circulation of 3.2 million copies.

In Denmark, Aller Media has a market share on weeklies of 70 % and 20 % on magazines. With our wide range of weeklies and magazines we reach more than 2.3 million Danes each month and inspire and entertain children, teens, adults and especially women. All our magazines can be read online and are on various social media platforms from snapchat, youtube and musical.ly to Instagram and Facebook.

Through our streaming service Pling, we have made more than 100 Danish and international weeklies and magazines available for a low monthly fee, from Vanity Fair, Time and The New Yorker to Danish titles as Familia Journal, femina and IN. Learn more about Pling here

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